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School Principal * Certified Master Executive Coach * CEO of Un-Veil


Get Ready to Be Empowered & Live Your Best Life Ever!

Un-Veil is on a mission to help professionals break-free from what is not serving them and reach their true potential. Say good-bye to fear, blockages and limiting beliefs. If you desire to regain your confidence, refuel your energy, reignite your passion for your career and zest for life- then you've come to the right place. Contact us for a free consultation. The time to be your best you & live your best life- is now! 

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During my last 10 years as an administrator, I beat myself up time and time again hitting a wall in my career as a principal, and I needed help. Now I use what I've learned that helped transform me personally and professionally and I want you to experience this powerful breakthrough for yourself. If I had had this training earlier on in my career I wouldn't have beat myself up as much as I have over the years, trying to get this "Principal" job done right.  My hope for you is that what you learn at this one day event super charges you, like it did for me, to jump back in the game more confident, believing in yourself again, feeling strong, bold and setting boundaries to honor your time, emotions and energy. As you learn these tools to empower yourself, those in your life will benefit as well.

Un-Veil Your Best Self & Live Your Best Life

You don't have to live feeling depressed any longer.

Imagine not being bothered by others negative thoughts and opinions.
For years I was a people pleaser. And now...every day...I'm letting go of that old way of thinking. I feel lighter and happier. I feel free. And I want this for you. There's no judgment here. Only love, care and support!